You Can Change the World

We are looking at and discussing the importance of developing and nurturing creativity in our students. A big part of that is creating a place, an environment, an ethos where ideas are celebrated and encouraged.

All of us know what an idea is, but rarely do we think about how important ideas are to us personally and corporately. The fact of the matter is that everything around you is an expression of an idea — someone’s idea: the clothes you wear, the watch you use to tell time, the phone ringing in your purse, the car you drive, even the keychain that the car keys are attached to. It’s hard to imagine, but the world wide web, which impacts our lives dramatically every day, started simply as an idea by a guy named Tim Berners-Lee. At one point, all that surrounds us was an idea floating around in someone’s head.

We are creative beings. Human beings are most “powerful” when they are creating, and all of it starts in the form of an idea. Whether it is developed for profit and to be sold, an idea about life and how to live it, a theory of how people should be governed, or an invention to help someone in Africa have access to clean water, ideas have power. Not only can they change us, but they can also change the world.

If ideas can be such a powerful aspect of life, it is important that we as a educators, and we as parents, help foster and nurture ideas in our students. The school should be a place where students are batting about ideas and having conversations about those ideas. We should teach them the skills of how to take an idea and turn it into reality. Yet, as schools and parents, we tend to fill their time with very prescriptive activity that does not involve their creative skills and talents. We need to look at making changes to the system which allows our students to engage much more in the power of ideas. If we are willing to do so, then powerful things will begin to take place, and maybe one of your own students will be someone who changes the world.

Karl Steinkamp
iHOS Blog #3
Day 3 of 30


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