Failure – The Path to Success

Admittedly, modern, western education does not do a good job of teaching kids how to handle failure. In fact, for the most part, we do the opposite. Over the next few days, we will take a look at the topic of failure and why the statement “If you have never failed, you’ve never lived” is such a powerful one that we need to teach our kids.

Here is a great video that highlights the fact that many of the people we look up to for their incredible accomplishments and leadership had to struggle through and battle failure along the way. In most cases these individuals would tell you that they would not have accomplished what they did without going through the failure, that it was part of the journey for them, and it was a part of making them who they are. I would encourage you to take the few minutes to watch it.


Karl Steinkamp
Blog #20
Day 20 of 30


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