A few days ago, we began to look at the idea of growth, the “G” in our acronym for “GRIT.”

G = Growth, R = Resilient, I = Integrity, and T = Tenacity.

Hopefully, the introduction to this topic led you to want to learn more about having a growth mind set and to ask the question – “how do I develop or enhance a growth mindset in my life?” Great question that I would like to try and help you answer. Here are some suggested steps, taken from some articles from the web (Innerdrive website), that you can take to develop a growth mindset in yourself:

Read (learn more about what a growth mindset is)

Appreciate Effort – Focus on the process and effort and not just the end results.

Pursue Learning – Foster a mindset that is focused on learning, development and improvement, and not just on outdoing or outscoring a colleague or classmate.

Try Different Strategies – Ask yourself ‘what could I do differently?‘ This helps you avoid the trap of working hard but repeating the same mistakes.

Ask for Feedback – People with a growth mindset seek out and value feedback more than those with a fixed mindset. Feedback shouldn’t be scary neither should it put you on the defensive because you see it as part of the growth process.

Foster Persistence – The ability to persist and overcome setbacks is a key to GRIT and a life skill that can make the difference between success and failure.

Challenge Yourself – With a growth mindset, you see challenges as part of growth, a chance to stretch yourself and take some risks.

In the next blog on the topic of “GRIT” and specifically “G = Growth” we will take a look at steps we can take as parents to help foster a growth mindset in our children.

Karl Steinkamp
Blog #31
Day 35


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