Throwing Darts at the Dartboard

So yesterday we saw what a “growth mindset” (G of GRIT) looked like from a taxi man in New Delhi, India. Today we are going to see it a little closer to home, Hollywood, California. Will Ferrell gave the commencement address at USC this year and the website A Plus condensed his speech down to about 4 minutes which then got sent around the web on Twitter and Facebook.

As I watched this video there were a number of things that stood out to me and impressed me (he sees his ultimate success in life being his family, encourages us to look outside of ourselves, tells us not to listen to our critics, etc).

What I really want to point out though is the growth mindset we see in the story of his life. Here is a simple list of where we can see a growth mindset in Will Ferrell (see Get Grit for reference) and his life.

  • His attitude towards “failure” and facing his fears. (power of not yet)
  • Taking risks and going towards his gut – comedy. (challenge yourself)
  • Doing the hard work of taking classes for another three and a half years (pursue learning)
  • Will actually talks about grit and having a growth mindset throughout the speech but he calls it something else “throwing darts at the dart board”. (try different strategies)
  • “Enjoy the process of your search without succumbing to the pressure of the result” (appreciate effort)


Please take the time to watch this video (click on picture above). It is only four minutes long – about the length of that cat video link you are thinking of clicking on. I am quite confident it will encourage you in many different ways.

Karl Steinkamp
Blog #34
Day 40



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