Innovation Is Believing (Guest Blog)

e_chapmanI am pleased to introduce Elizabeth Chapman as a guest blogger and contributor to iHOS. It is an exciting step for the iHOS blog to have an accomplished educator join in and offer insights and reflection on important topics in education. Elizabeth is a 4th grade teacher to “future world leaders” and is an innovative educator: Google Certified Educator, Classkick Ambassador, Symbaloo Certified, #flexibleseating guru. She has a strong presence on Twitter with over 1200 followers where she tweets about topics on education. Elizabeth has a B.A. in Psychology from the College of William and Mary and a Masters in Teaching from North Carolina State University. She lives with her husband and four boys in North Carolina where she loves hiking and biking and is an avid sports fan. I would encourage you to check out her blog and follow her on Twitter.


Innovation is Believing

To me, innovation is believing:  It’s just not easy trying something new and different … you have to believe there is a need.  Without this conviction, a journey already fraught with trials and tribulations will feel impossible with every bump along the way.  While a certain company’s beverage debut has received a lot of press attention this week, one would think that they believed there was a market for the drink.  A whole team of somebodies likely decided that any possible failure and ridicule was worth the potential for success.

Innovation is risky because you’re always leaving the comfortable known.  Whether it’s changing jobs or blog hosts,  the new can be scary or frustrating even if the old was boring or quirky. While it’s been several years since I’ve had a job that was remotely yawn worthy, changing over to WordPress has required a ginormous learning curve.  I’m not a website guru but have maintained a class site on Weebly for the last two years.   Adding photos and keeping them where I wanted them on the page was a bit tricky for me; but it was a familiar pet peeve because I knew what to expect.  Even so, there’s been many times during this course that I’ve pined wistfully for the good old days with Weebly while conveniently forgetting all of the painful trial and error.

Our school mascot is pictured here from the bulletin board designed by our amazing art teacher. This year, our staff logo is BELIEVE=ACHIEVE and our student body came up with “If you can believe it, you can achieve it!” There are many things to believe in…magic, tooth fairies, pixie dust, etc.   You can choose to believe that this is the absolute worst time in history to be an educator or you can choose, like I do, to believe this is the most exciting time ever to get to teach our #FutureWorldLeaders.  You may believe that technology is the best thing since sliced bread, or you might believe it will be the downfall of all mankind.  Believing is not innovation:  The polarity involved creates a chasm that can easily fill with negativity and discouragement regardless of one’s views.

Apparently today is the last day to purchase the featured beverage and no, I haven’t had one nor am I planning to get one.  It’s not because I don’t believe…

It’s just that, to me, innovation is believing.

[Contributed by Elizabeth Chapman, originally published 4/23/17 on]


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