inteGRITy Pt Duex

We are talking about the importance of integrity in the area of having grit and developing it in our lives. In the last blog we talked about the symbiotic relationship that to have grit you need integrity, and to have integrity takes grit.

Recently I came across the picture below on a coaching website and felt that within this picture is a great visual representation of the relationship between grit and integrity. The picture illustrates the role of integrity in being a person of grit. If you have been involved in sports, you know that this is a picture of a team conditioning and that the players are supposed to run and touch the line before running back. This athlete did something that would not really be noticed by the others and is possibly “not that big of a deal.” He is most likely not the only one turning short of the line, but it is that little distance that is a great illustration of the integrity of grit.


Karl Steinkamp
Blog #39
Day 53

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