The Journey

We have been looking at how integrity plays a key role in being a person with GRIT. Simply, you need integrity to have grit, and grit is an essential part of having integrity. What is important to grasp here is that the integrity found in grit is really at an individual and very personal level. To have grit you must be honest with yourself. It is so easy to justify not completing a goal, not finishing a project, or not following through on something. It is so easy to not learn from our mistakes; to ignore them or deny them. It is so easy to blame others for our failures. But if you are going to be a person of grit you have to have integrity with yourself.

I want to illustrate this with a video. It is the story of Jared Mollenkopf who perseveres and reaches the goal of losing a large amount of weight. I am not personally endorsing the fitness routine that the video talks about. The choice of the fitness program is not the defining difference. People lose weight and develop fitness through hundreds of different programs. The key to his success is how honest he is with himself. Listen to the level of honesty (integrity) he has as he reads a blog from the first day of his journey. As you listen to it you will see numerous statements that illustrate what we have been learning about grit (growth, resilience, integrity, & tenacity). Please take the four minutes or so to watch it. I promise, it will inspire you!

Jared Mellonkopf Story

Karl Steinkamp
Blog # 40
Day 55

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