Make Your Bed & Change the World

I have been what some consider a tough dad in that I have required my kids to make their bed each morning. I did this in part because I felt it was important for them to take on this responsibility and to keep their rooms clean even at a young age.

Recently I watched a commencement address by the commander of the U.S. Navy Seals to the graduates at the University of Texas. The address has gone viral for a number of reasons, but partly I suspect it is because he stated that to be a “world changer” you need to make your bed.

I thought you might be interested in hearing what he says about the importance of making your bed, so here is a link that takes you directly to that specific part of his address.



Making your bed is considered a “keystone” habit. A keystone habit is one that positively effects other habits and behaviors, gives you a sense of “victory,” encourages the development of other habits, and increases your energy and confidence. Simply, it is a little habit that unintentionally has a big effect on many other things.

There are other keystone habits that someone can start doing that will have a large impact in many other areas – fitness training, journal writing, meditation/bible study, swallowing the frog (talk about this one in my next blog), meal planning, etc. That said making your bed each day is probably the easiest and quickest keystone habit you can start doing.

So make your bed and change the world!

Karl Steinkamp
Blog #44
Day 65


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