The Power of Awesomeness

We have been looking at the power of habits and the impact they can have on our lives. In the last blog we talked about developing the habit of encouraging other people around us – to be purposeful and intentional in encouraging our colleagues, friends, and family members on a regular basis.

We will continue to look at the idea of encouragement but this time I want to suggest developing a habit of encouraging ourselves. Now to be clear what I am not proposing is something like the Daily Affirmations with Stuart Smalley of SNL fame (for those of you old enough to remember the skits). Instead what I am suggesting is developing the habit of seeing the the little things each day that lift our spirits, make us laugh, or bring a smile to our face. These moments often go by without much thought but if we purposefully take time to recognize them they can make a huge difference in our day and outlook.

So how might you go about doing this? Well the fortunate thing for us is that there is already something out there that can do this for us and it started out as just a simple blog to help a guy deal with a difficult time in his life.

Neil Pasricha started the blog “1000 Awesome Things” where each day (for 1000 days) he would write about one simple pleasure that we often overlook. His list included things like – fixing electronics by smacking them, popping bubblewrap, the cool side of your pillow in the middle of the night, finding some extra money in your pocket, etc, etc. It caught on, went viral, and dramatically changed his life as the blog turned into the best selling book “Book of Awesome“. If interested you can hear about how all of this happened as Neil tells his story on TED Talks. You can also follow him on Twitter ‎@NeilPasricha and there is even an App for you iPhone and iPad users.

So here is my suggestion for a fun habit and there is a number of different ways you can make it happen:

  • Buy the book and read a page each day, including it in your morning routine.
  • Favorite his blog and slowly work your way through the 1000 things of awesome.
  • Download the app to your iPhone or iPad where each day something awesome is delivered electronically to you.
  • Follow Neil on Twitter where he will tweet awesomeness to you throughout the week.

So do it today and start enjoying the awesomeness of life in new ways.

Karl Steinkamp
Blog #48
Day 73



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