Resolution Revolution

We have been the studying the power of habits and their impact on our lives. Often when we think of habits we think of things we do every day or at most every week. But what about the idea of a monthly habit. Something that you do once a month. It is something that you would only do 12 times a year but if you truly did the habit each month then well it is technically a habit, right? Let me propose an idea for a monthly habit right now.

According to British psychologist Cliff Arnall, the saddest day of the year is Monday, the 20th of January. Arnall created a formula to predict the year’s saddest day which involves six different variables such as salary, weather, debt, etc. Interestingly enough a big part of his formula is the breaking of New Year’s resolutions which most people do by the third week of January.

Recently I read an article that gave a brilliant idea for achieving successful resolutions. The premise of the article was that a year is just too long and that we instead should make only one resolution for the year. That one resolution would be: “I resolve to make monthly resolutions all year long.” In this way your goals are smaller, more manageable, and set for just a month at a time. If you should break one, you can always choose to make that resolution again at the beginning of the next month. Instead of only making resolutions once a year (that are frequently broken by the third week of January!), you can resolve to accomplish your resolutions each month. Hopefully over the year you will achieve some of your monthly resolutions and therefore be more successful than the once a year, all or nothing, cycle most of us follow.

So give it a try. Set a reminder for the beginning of each month to sit down and create a short list of resolutions for that month. Treat this just like you would the yearly resolution process done in January of each year. Even try to create the emotions that surround the “newness” and “starting over” that we attribute to January 1st. Why not – each month is the start of something new. Lets try to use this idea to motivate us to develop the habit of monthly resolutions. If it works, tell a friend, and maybe we can start a resolution revolution.

Karl Steinkamp
Blog #49
Day 75


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