I have had the opportunity to grow up and live all around the world. At this point I have either lived in or visited 6 of the 7 continents (yep – Antarctica is just to far away). I spent a majority of my life living overseas (Australia, Brazil, Malaysia). When I am in the U.S. I call Minnesota home.

I am currently in my 12th year as head of Dalat Int’l School in Malaysia. The school has about 600 students and is located on the beautiful island of Penang.

I am passionate about preparing students for life. Today that challenge is bigger than ever as the future is unknown, fluid, and changing all the time. How do you prepare children for something that we are unsure of ourselves? That is the challenge and what gets me up each morning.

I am also passionate about media literacy. I believe that teaching our students how to live in and navigate the media world that surrounds them is a crucial part of education for life. I currently teach a media literacy class at Dalat and we have made it a graduation requirement for our high school students.

I have two favorite expressions:

  • Even a broken clock is right twice a day (usually said after I do something right)
  • It’s not what you know it’s who you know (so connect with me)


Karl Steinkamp
Head of School
Dalat Int’l School